PlaneDollars Aircraft Management Software Takes Off

After rigorous testing and feedback from key industry participants, PlaneDollars aircraft management software is now fully operational and available.  We have done everything possible to make our system the simplest, most comprehensive reporting system specifically tailored for aircraft.  It makes the tedious reporting tasks of the pilots and aircraft managers in the flight department simple while making the accountants and CFO happy, all at an annual cost far lower than your typical fuel bill.  Check out what some of our reviewers have said!

“PlaneDollars generates all of the reports needed by the CFO and aircraft owner.  Great product!”  (Gene White, former Director of Operations, Raytheon Aircraft Charter Management)

“I’m amazed I haven’t seen anything like this before. It’s brilliant!” (Kevin Colson, Fleet Aircraft Manager and Chief Pilot with over 17,000 hours)

With PlaneDollars, you and your staff can log in securely from anywhere via the Internet to load data and generate reports.  You can record all of your trip information, expenses (including uploads of scanned receipts!), and passenger manifest.  You can find out how much you have spent on flight operations, average fuel costs, expenses versus budget, “all-in” cost of an hour of flight, and so much more!  You can be notified automatically of upcoming timed events such as medical certification or passport expiration.  Want to learn more about our features?  Click here.

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