Flight Scheduling Module Coming Soon

The traditional small flight department makes due with a spreadsheet and a receipts folder to perform its aviation accounting and a generic calendar for flight scheduling.  PlaneDollars already gets rid of the expense spreadsheets and receipts and provides a simple software system that manages your private aircraft expense information.  We generate exactly the reports you need, saving time, money, and stress. Now, the generic calendar program is in our sites.

Does your calendar allow you to quickly input standard trip scheduling information such as hotel and car reservations, FBOs, flight times and manifests? No. Does it automatically notify staff and passengers with the information they need when they need it? No. Our scheduling module will. Trip sheets and itineraries will be easily browsed on the calendar and sent to staff and passengers automatically.  And once the scheduled trip has been completed it will be matched to the flight information and expenses, providing seamless trip management from planning to reporting and, if needed, SIFL calculation.

Interested in learning more? Contact us to learn about our upcoming trip scheduling module and how our product benefits the small flight department.

About PlaneDollars

At PlaneDollars, we understand the pain, limitations, and costs of using spreadsheets, calendars, and paper to manage small flight department operations. We also understand why small flight departments are reluctant to increase their costs with complex, expensive aircraft management software that is overkill for small operations. That’s why we built our cloud-based software system to be the simple and affordable solution for small flight departments, saving our customers money through efficiency.